Shielding experience of more than 30 years against challenging conditions in various industries

Shield your system


IP-protected cabinet and enclosure solutions
IP-protected cabinet and enclosure solutions for a variety of challenging industrial environments.
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Fireproof cabinet and enclosure solutions
Fireproof cabinet and enclosure solutions for different industrial temperature conditions.
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Cabinet and enclosure solutions for hot and cold conditions
Protected cabinet and enclosure solutions for hot and cold conditions.
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X-ray shielded cabinet and enclosure solutions
X-ray shielded cabinet and enclosure solutions for industrial applications.
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RF-shielded rack, chamber and tunnel solutions
RF-shielded rack, tester, chamber and tunnel solutions for the telecommunications industry.
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EMC-shielded rack, hatch and passage solutions
EMC-shielded rack, hatch and passage solutions.
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OTA-kammio Ocotec OTA chamber Ocotec

What is OTA testing?

An RF chamber is used to isolate the device under test from external interference and to provide a controlled testing environment. The chamber is designed to reduce external noise and interference, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

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RF/EMC/EMI enclosure from ocotec oy

Metallic enclosure, or a Faraday cage?

The design of a metallic enclosure and its effectiveness for EMC shielding depends on several factors, including the properties of the metallic material, the frequency and strength of the electromagnetic waves to be blocked, and the design and manufacturing of the enclosure.

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We welcome you to learn more about Ocotec's sheet metal expertise

Shielding your valuable technology individually

Ocotec Oy specializes in shielding customer’s systems and devices against challenging conditions. Working in information, automation and mechanical engineering industry.

Ocotec -product platforms has been developed to match the requirements and specifications of various industries. Standard cabinets and enclosures offer a versatile platform, from which customized shielding solutions can be manufactured cost effectively.

In addition to customized shielding solutions, the company also subcontracts sheet metal products and components.

Kaapit ja kotelot

ODM Manufacturing

ODM manufacturing


Idea is born out of customer’s need, which will be specified and reviewed together. The factory offers a solution of the implementation utilizing Ocotec’s own product platforms. Necessary testing and certification requirements are agreed upon at this stage. Making an offer or a price quotation will conclude the idea stage.



Design will start with modeling the product based on defined requirements. The 3D model will be delivered to and reviewed together with the customer. Desired changes will be applied on the model. Utilizing Ocotec’s own OEM solutions lead time can be greatly reduced. Having the design and production under the same roof, productization will be streamlined and fast forward.

Prototype is manufactured after the design is approved. The solution can also be partially prototyped which then can be used to verify the functionality of the product. The prototype will be structured within the ERP with set specifications. The design unit approves the first prototype after which releases it into production. In most cases if product testing or certification is required, prototype will always be manufactured.

Testing can be done through our network in case the product requires special testing. Extensive EMC and RF testing, for example, in EMC and RF products will be carried out within the same locality. Transportations are minimal and testing can be carried out on site for a quick response.

Serial production takes place close to design. The design unit serves as a consultant for production during the first series. The goal of serial manufacturing is to aim for the same batch size. That way, serial production is optimized as much as possible and no time is needed to update the programs.

Shielding your systems against rough conditions

Let us know your requirements and we will offer you a solution


Ocotec offers sheet-metal solutions from sub-contracting to finished products.
From component manufacturing and sourcing, surface treatment and assembly
all the way to fully customized shielded solutions.
Ocotec serves customers with the following processes:


Our designers are professional and well experienced in both drawing and 3D modeling.
We are able to provide drawings in several formats for example PDF, DWG, DXF
and in 3D formats.

MIG- ja TIG -welding

We use MIG and TIG welding methods.
The welds are finished by grinding, so that no joints remain after painting.
We do welding on steel, stainless steel, mirrored steel and aluminum.


Production begins with sheet metal piercing. Ocotec has three punching machines and a laser.
Ocotec is in a long and reliable partnership with leading tool and machine manufacturers.


Finished metal parts are protected and given a high-quality appearance by powder coating on our surfacing line with phosphating pre-treatment.
At the end of 2018 Ocotec switched to mechanical polyurethane sealing that uses UL50 approved gasket.


The three-dimensional shape of the part is obtained by the bending. This method reduces the coupling steps.
Bending is done by professionals using numerical 8-axis machines and industry leading tools.


Finally the assembly line, where our own manufactured parts, purchased components and other contract manufacturing components of our partners come together. The assembly work is carried out by skilled assemblers with a long experience in our assembly line.

Solutions in various industries

Some of the industries we work with are information, automation, mechanical engineering and defence industry.