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KAS row cabinets have a completely new, patented symmetrical frame solution, which gives the cabinets ample inside space for easy installation of accessories. KAS row cabinets are delivered with coolind units and filter fans, if necessary. Made of iron, but offers flexibility in most circumstances!

The mounting plates of the KAS row cabinet can be installed from the fron or from the side. Rear and side mounting plates give ample installation space in the cabinet, and intermediate mounting plated provide a continous installation surface for cabinets next to each other.


  • Vibration test, sine wave IEC 68-2-6, according to Fc test
  • enclosure rating, IP55
  • sheet thickness
    frame s =2,5/2,0 mm
    door s = 2,0 mm
    mounting plate s = 3,0 mm
  • door opening angle > 270º
    hinged in three points
    three point locking
    tool handle, lock option
  • mounting plate adjustable in depth dimension
    zinc plating or paint RAL 2000, if necessary
  • walls with screw fastening
  • adjustable through hole for cables in the bottom
  • lifting eyes on the roof
  • phosphating and powder paint, thickness of coating min. 60μm min.
  • standard colour RAL 7032 other colours with short delivery time as well

Doors, roof and mounting plate designed with end user in mind.

The doors open up to 270 degrees and are therefore out of the way in equipment installation. The doors are easy to remove and remount. The doors have locking options for many different key types, also for the Abloy lock. The front of the roof extends past the door and therefore prevents dust from gathering on the door; dust will not float into the sensitive equipment in the cabinet when the door is opened. With accessories the same basic roof structure can be modified into an elevated and IP 23 roof.

The mounting plates of the KAS row cabinet can be installed from the front or from the side. Rear and side mounting plates give ample installation space in the cabinet, and intermediate mounting plates provide a continuous installation surface for cabinets next to each other.

Serial production available

Ocotec's products are protection-classified cabinets and enclosures, which are delivered in either standard configuration or customized for the customer.

Our product development offers our customers the possibility to combine our sheet metal expertise with product development projects early on, from the drawing table all the way to fully assembled products.
Our products are widely used in different industries. The customizability of the standard enclosure significantly increases the life-cycle of customer-specific solutions.

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A welded frame guarantees durability

The sturdy foundation of the enclosure is a welded steel frame. It has proved its durability not only through practical applications, but also during static and dynamic load testing. The protective properties and sturdiness are a result of careful design. The design consists of quick-release panel doors, adjustable bottom, mounting plate and a top panel equipped with lifting eyes.

Vibration test results completed by the Finnish Technical Research Centre of Finland are available upon request (testing methods are in accordance with SFS-EN 60068-2-6 standard, research repo TEL 7167 and TEL 7210).

Versatile use with accessories

With the use of accessories, enclosure applications can be expanded outside of traditional instrumental protection. In order to prevent excess heating, fans, heat exchangers and cooling units are available for enclosures. In addition to our standard program, we offer mechanical solutions tailored for customer needs (e.g. openings, special sizes and materials, stainless steel and aluminum) ODM manufacturing

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Comprehensive, uncompromized surface treatment

The base of uncompromizing corrosion resistance is the grease removal, where cold-rolled steel sheets are cleaned. The clean sheet is phosphatized, which creates a layer of iron phosphate on the surface of the metal. This improves the adhesiveness of the paint.
Finally, the enclosures are powder painted. The paint is polymerized in the oven, creating a tough and hard surface, which fulfills clas M4 protection requirements.

Internationally recognized for quality

Ocotec enclosures are almost 100% manufactured in Finland. The enclosures are produced using Finnish raw materials in accordance with established norms. Production precision conforms to general fabrication tolerances SFS 5803. Sizing conforms to standards SFS 2528 and SFS-EN 60529.

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