RF Shielded Solutions

- Customized shielding solutions

Ocotec Oy manufactures shielded enclosure and protection solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Ocotec’s ODM unit combines customer requirements with mechanical know-how and carefully selected components. Ocotec also has the capability to verify the desired level of requirements with the consulting services provided by measurement laboratories in Oulu.


RF -rack 2200x600(800)x900(1200)

  • For cellphone and network appliances, Ocotec has developed a RF -rack solution, the rack is measured and offers a large accessory pool to meet all customer requirements.
  • With Ocotec’s connector plate solutions, RF -racks can be modified to meet any customer specifications.
  • RF -rack is measured to achieve attenuation level of over 60dB between the 750 MHz and 6 GHz range.
  • Variety of equipment solutions are readily available.
  • RF -racks are designed also for different line setups in cold and warm aisle environment.
  • In the picture, RF -rack with special equipment and honeycomb doors.

“We believe that customer satisfaction does not create itself – it is a result of a long-term organized effort.” – Quality has always been at the core of Ocotec’s competitive advantage – for both prod and services.

Aluminium RF-shielded test chambers and

  • Ocotec’s ODM unit manufactures and designs RF -chambers and -enclosures to meet all customer specifications for different testing environments.
  • RF -chambers are complete mechanic solutions including e.g. honeycombs, cooling fans, door switches, absorber walls and mechanics for the control panel.
  • RF -chambers are manufactured from aluminium and coating finished to achieve the lightweight structure. RF -chambers can be fully assembled and measured according to any customer specifications.
  • The size of the chamber is tailored according to specific customer needs.

– Ocotec’s quality control system is based on the ISO 9001 standard and is audited by our main customers. The company also has an environmental system, designed to conform to ISO 14001.

EMP-shielded entrance door

  • Ocotec’s ODM unit have designed an entrance door solution for EMP shielded conditions. Solution is aluminium welded implementation and the design follows the IP55 IEC 60529 standard.
  • The structure is rigid enough to enable EMP seal to function properly.
  • EMP sealing is following a rail with round angles to ensure long life cycle.
  • Door is designed for easy sealing change.
  • Conducting surfaces are long lasting and hinging mechanism is designed to prevent illicit infiltration. Locking mechanism works with two Abloy security locks.
  • Electronic lock available. Door is measured according to MIL-STD285 standard to meet 60 dB shielding.
  • Door mechanism is designed with user friendliness in mind. The door is easy to open and close without any additional tools or electricity.
  • Door is equipped with hold-open device.
  • Door is available in different sizes and can be painted according to customer preferance.

“We believe that customer satisfaction does not create itself – it is a result of a long-term organized effort.” – Quality has always been at the core of Ocotec’s competitive advantage – for both prod and services.

ODM Shielding Solutions

ODM manufacturing

Customized Manufacturing

Idea is born out of customer’s need, which will be specified and reviewed together. The factory offers a solution of the implementation utilizing Ocotec’s own OEM product platforms. Necessary testing and certification requirements are agreed upon at this stage. Making an offer or a price quotation will conclude the idea stage.



Design will start with modeling the product based on defined requirements. The 3D model will be delivered to and reviewed together with the customer. Desired changes will be applied on the model. Utilizing Ocotec’s own OEM solutions lead time can be greatly reduced. Having the design and production under the same roof, productization will be streamlined and fast forward.



Prototype is manufactured after the design is approved. The solution can also be partially prototyped which then can be used to verify the functionality of the product. The prototype will be structured within the ERP with set specifications. The design unit approves the first prototype after which releases it into production. In most cases if product testing or certification is required, prototype will always be manufactured.



Testing can be done through our network in case the product requires special testing. Extensive EMC and RF testing, for example, in EMC and RF products will be carried out within the same locality. Transportations are minimal and testing can be carried out on site for a quick response.



Serial production takes place close to design. The design unit serves as a consultant for production during the first series. The goal of serial manufacturing is to aim for the same batch size. That way, serial production is optimized as much as possible and no time is needed to update the programs.

“In our projects anything can change, but our cabinet supplier will not 
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