- Manufacturing according to customer documentation
Ocotec offers a full sheet metal manufacturing process. The service includes component production and procurement, surface treatments and product assembly, including enclosures that require advanced protection. Ocotec’s own subcontracting unit allows cost-effective manufacturing according to customer documentation.

Professional sheet metal manufacturing

  • Products according to customer’s documentation
  • Vast knowledge in sheet metal materials
  • Equipment and component manufacturing network
  • Over 30 years of experience in sheet metal manufacturing

“We believe that customer satisfaction does not create itself – it is a result of a long-term organized effort.” – Quality has always been at the core of Ocotec’s competitive advantage – for both products and services.

Key technologies and processes

  • Procurement
  • 3D softwares
  • Piercing
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Surfacing
  • Assembly

Ocotec’s quality control system in based on the ISO 9001 standard and is audited by their main customers. The company also has an environmental system, designed to conform to ISO 14001


Ocotec offers sheet-metal solutions from sub-contracting to finished products.
From component manufacturing and sourcing, surface treatment and assembly
all the way to fully customized strongly shielded bespoke solutions.
Ocotec serves customers with the following workflow processes:


Our engineers are professionals and well experienced in both drawing and 3D modeling.
We are able to provide drawings in several formats for example PDF, DWG and DXF also in 3D.

MIG- ja TIG -welding

We use MIG and TIG welding methods.
The welds are finished by grinding, so that no joints remain after painting.
We do welding on steel, stainless steel, mirrored steel and aluminum.


Production begins with sheet metal piercing. Ocotec has three punching machines and laser.
Ocotec is in a long and reliable partnership with leading tool and machine manufacturers.


Finished metal parts are protected and given a high-quality appearance by powder coating on our surfacing line with phosphating pre-treatment.
At the end of 2018 Ocotec switched to mechanical polyurethane sealing that uses UL50 approved gasket.


The three-dimensional shape of the part is obtained by the bending. This method reduces the coupling steps.
Bending is done by professionals using numerical 8-axis machines and industry leading tools.


Finally the assembly line, where our own manufactured parts, purchased components and other contract manufacturing components of our partners come together. The assembly work is carried out by skilled installers with a long experience in our assembly line.

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